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Official information on COVID-19 vaccination in Estonia

Estonia has started mass vaccinations. As soon as the vaccine quantities allow, the state will open up the possibility to get vaccinated to everyone who wants it. Based on a prognosis of current delivery volumes, this will become possible no sooner than in May, 2021.

8 reasons why to get vaccinated against COVID-19

  • The progression of the disease is unpredictable and can damage the health and quality of life of both younger and older people for a long time.
  • All the vaccines available in Estonia reduce the chances of getting severely ill and ending up in a hospital. The infection rate of the health care workers that were vaccinated has already gone down in Estonia. The experiences of Israel and the United Kingdom show that severe illness decreases more than 80%.
  • It is probably the only real solution for returning to a regular order of life.
  • Vaccination reduces the restrictions for people: for instance, right now a person who has been fully vaccinated does not need to stay in isolation as a close contact or after crossing the border within six months of going through the course of vaccinations.
  • Vaccination helps to restore the volumes of scheduled treatments in hospitals. Other ailments have not disappeared from the world. People will get the treatment they need quicker.
  • Every vaccinated person counts – this way we are protecting the weakest ones who cannot get vaccinated due to their health conditions. These can be our parents, children, friends, acquaintances or simply people who pass us by on the street.
  • You will get a protection against severe forms of COVID-19 for at least six months but probably significantly longer.
  • You will reduce the transmission of the virus – how effectively the vaccines do this will admittedly become apparent over time, as the studies are ongoing.

COVID-19 vaccination statistics

All vaccinated
(1 + 2 doses)

362 865

27,30% of the population

Partially vaccinated
(1 dose)

215 605

16,22% of the population

Fully vaccinated
(2 doses)

147 260

11,08% of the population

Last updated: 7. April 2021, 16:44

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