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Official information on COVID-19 vaccination in Estonia

Estonia has started mass vaccinations. As of 17 June, all Estonian people (over the age of twelve) can get vaccinated against COVID-19.

8 reasons why to get vaccinated against COVID-19

  • You will protect yourself. The course of the disease is unpredictable. It may impose long-term damage on the health of both younger people and older people, potentially serving to deteriorate quality of life in many cases.
  • You will protect hospitals. The risk of suffering a severe case of coronavirus is between four and five times lower in vaccinated individuals. Firstly, vaccinated people are less likely to become infected with coronavirus. Secondly, even if the infection breaks through the vaccination, the course of the diseases is milder for vaccinated individuals. They are between two and three times less likely to end up in hospital. If they do require hospital treatment, their hospital stay will be shorter and easier.
  • You will protect others. The more people who get themselves vaccinated, the lower will be the spread of coronavirus and the number of serious cases. By getting vaccinated, we protect those who are weaker than us and who cannot get vaccinated due to underlying health conditions. Our parents, children, friends, acquaintances, or any passer-by in the street may be amongst those individuals.
  • You will become less infectious. Studies have revealed that if a vaccinated individual falls ill, they may only carry a viable virus in their body for a few days, although vaccinated individuals may still remain infectious for a week or even several weeks. Therefore, if we would like to protect our loved ones, getting vaccinated is certainly a good idea.
  • You will have more freedom to travel. For at least one year after completing the vaccination process, vaccinated individuals will not be required to self-isolate after arriving in Estonia from abroad. Anyone who has had COVID-19 will not be required to self-isolate for six months after having been declared to have recovered from the virus.
  • You will not need to self-isolate. Vaccinated individuals are not required to self-isolate after having come into close contact with an infected individual, but may instead continue to go about their everyday activities.
  • You will be free to visit restaurants, the theatre, and gyms. If you are fully vaccinated, you can use your vaccination certificate to visit the theatre, cinema, sports clubs, restaurants, and other places where restrictions may be applicable.
  • It is very likely that COVID-19 will not go anywhere but will instead remain circulating amongst us. Therefore we will all need to become immune, and vaccination is the safest way to be able to achieve this.

COVID-19 vaccination statistics

All vaccinated
(1 + 2 doses)

828 841

62,32% of the population

Partially vaccinated
(1 dose)

38 874

2,93% of the population

Fully vaccinated
(2 doses)

789 967

59,39% of the population

Last updated: 26. October 2021, 11:28

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