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55 000 people in Tallinn will get a booklet about the vaccination opportunities

Since today, almost 55 000 people in Tallinn, Lasnamäe, will get an information letter about the vaccination opportunities in their region.

There'll be extra vaccination opportunities in Lasnamäe for the next two weeks. Everybody is entitled to free advice or vaccination. Jannssen, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines are available.

In addition to the information letters, phone calls, shopping centre radio stations and volunteers are used to invite them to be vaccinated.

Currently, 55.65% of adults in Lasnamäe are vaccinated against COVID-19, among the age group 80 years and older, the percentage is 52,8. The statistics about the vaccination progress in Lasnamäe is available here, but it's in Estonian language.

Source: The Ministry of Social Affairs

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