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Children must prove their vaccination status

Estonian Government made changes to the order that sets since what age children have to prove their status of vaccination or being tested negative against COVID-19.

Until now, to participate in organized activities, children at the age of 12 needed to prove that they're vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from it or tested negative against it, then now this age limit is 12 years and three months.

The changes were made because children can be vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine, and to achieve the full immunity, it takes at least 8 weeks, therefore they'll have time to complete the vaccination course before they need to start proving it legally.

Also, the government added exemptions to the activities where students can participate in without being fully vaccinated, having the proof of being recovered from COVID-19, or having negative test-results. They can participate in after-school activities, sport trainings, extra curriculum activities, and school excursions to museums and exhibitions.

The changes are in place since today, the 15th of November.

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