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Employers are encouraged to invite experts to workplaces to talk about COVID-vaccination

Many employers have supported stopping the spread of coronavirus and increasing the percentage of vaccinations. The Estonian Health Board supports businesses in three ways: they can ask the percentage of vaccinated people in their workplace, invite the vaccination service to their workplace, and ask for an expert to share the vaccination information in the workplace and to answer the questions from employees.

To use these opportunities, or to ask more about them, it's recommended to write an email to

  1. The percentage of vaccinated workers. Information is provided to businesses with at least 30 employees. 
  2. Vaccination at a workplace. Available where at least 5 people will attend. 
  3. An expert-talk in your business. These talks are done by doctors, nurses and medical students, who've taken the course in immunology and vaccination as a subject. An overview of the vaccines will be presented, also questions will be answered. All expenses are paid by the Estonian Health Board, but at least 5 attendees are expected to participate. 

What is an expert-talk?

The duration: 30-45 min.

An expert-talk will include:

  • Body's immune system response to viruses.
  • Vaccination vs virus, side effects of the vaccination, diseases that are prevented with vaccinations. 
  • The characteristics of the vaccines against COVID-19.
  • Opinions and myths related to vaccinations
  • Vaccination against COVID-19: who does it and where to get the information. 

In case of interest, the replay of the COVID-19 vaccination briefing held on the 27th of September is available also in English. Watch this on Youtube.

Everything you should know about the COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccination is free of charge for all people living in Estonia, even without the national health insurance.
  • Vaccination is voluntary.
  • Vaccination is open to all people who are at least 5 years old.
  • Compared to COVID-19 illness, vaccination is safe, and generally, the side effects pass quickly.
  • Booster doses are available only for adults, and the time for a booster jab is 2 months after finishing the vaccination course with the Janssen vaccine, and 3 months after finishing the vaccination course with AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.
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