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Estonian Health Insurance Fund provides vaccination data for employers

Employers with more than 30 employees are eligible for the data about the vaccination percentage in their workplace. Also, they have an opportunity to invite the vaccination team to their workplace.

The data about the vaccination is shared as a percentage, and no data about a particular person is provided. To avoid situations where employers try to find out who of the employees are vaccinated or not, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund shares the percentage of people vaccinated against COVID-19 to employers that have more than 30 employees.

Immunization coverage is important data for employers, and based on that, they can decide whether they'd like to invite the vaccination team to their workplace. Vaccination in a workplace creates the opportunity for employees to protect their own health, also their colleagues and loved ones.

To get that data, employers should send an email to, and write “request for clarification” as a theme. Estonian Health Insurance Fund sends immunization coverage that is the percentage of the vaccinated people in this workplace: below 50%, between 50-90% or over 90%.

The email address for employers who'd like to invite the vaccination team to their workplace is

The Source: Estonian Health Insurance Fund

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