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Family physician’s advisory line 1220 gives also COVID-19 vaccination advice

From now on, people who need advice to make the decision about COVID-19 vaccination, can call Family physician’s advisory line 1220 or 634 66 30. Calls will be answered by healthcare professionals. The purpose of advisory line 1220 is to provide fast health-related advice in times when family physicians are not available.

With more complicated or specific medical history means that these people still need to consult their family doctor or specialized medical doctor, who will make the final decision, because they know the person, their background, and health issues the best.

The advisory line is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, assistance is provided in Estonian and Russian, in English every day from 15 to 17.

Nurses and doctors who'll answer the calls have given vaccination advice before, but now the capability has increased.

When calling 1220, the caller will pay for the call from the first minute on the basis of the telephone operators' price lists.

The family doctor's advisory line is funded by Estonian Health Insurance Fund (Eesti Haigekassa).

Vaccination against COVID-19 is available to everybody from the age of 12, it's free also to people without national health insurance. For more information about vaccination, you can call a national helpline 1247, visit vaccination website

To book the appointment for vaccination, go to a digital registration website or phone 1247.

As of today, at least one dose of the vaccine is given to 730 532 people in Estonia, and that means at least 64.6% of adults have had the first dose of vaccine, and in an age group 60+, the percentage is 71,2.

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