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February brought some major changes to vaccination certificates

From the 1st of February 2022, the duration of the vaccination certificates created after finishing the first vaccination course against COVID-19, is 9 months. In Estonia, 15 000 certificates became invalid. The changes include also booster dose markings and the data about minors in the certificate checking-app.

6 major changes:

1. Instead of 12 months, all vaccination certificates created after the first vaccination course in the Eu are valid for 9 months (270 days). In Estonia, about 15 000 people, who finished their vaccination course before the 7th of May 2021, and haven't had their booster doses yet, don't have a valid vaccination certificate anymore.

The only way to extend the certificate is to get a booster dose, and create a new certificate via the patient's portal

2. After getting a booster dose, the certification is valid for 12 months (365 days) since the day of the booster dose.

3.  There are changes, how the doses are marked on a certificate for people, whose first vaccination course included only one dose of a vaccine (the whole course had only one dose, or they recovered and had one dose of a two-dose vaccine), and had a booster dose. Instead of a current 2/2 certificate, they can create a certificate with the 2/1 marks, and that shows their vaccination course included only 1 dose, and the second dose was a booster dose. This marking is seen as a booster dose in the checking app, and this is essential for travelling.  NB! To have that new marking, you need to update your certificate via

4. People whose certificate needs to be updated, will be notified with an email – one 30 days in advance, and the second 2 days before the duration of the certificate ends. In order to get these emails, your email address should be directed to your personal email address. The information is also available on, and everybody can check if their certification is valid when scanning the QR code with the app

5. If the owner of the certificate is a minor, the person who checks the certificate will get an orange notification via the checking app that they need to ask the proof of the certificate owner's age. The duration of the certificate for people under 18 years of age is 15 months. When travelling, the duration of the certificate is the same as for adults – 9 months.

6. There are about 229 000 certificates that are already expired or will expire soon. These certificates were created before the 21st of October 2021, and their technical duration was 180 days. We recommend creating new certificates, and use them because the previous ones can be used only in Estonia, and only when the Estonian app is used to check the duration of the certificate.

Source: TEHIK

Everything you should know about the COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccination is free of charge for all people living in Estonia, even without the national health insurance.
  • Vaccination is voluntary.
  • Vaccination is open to all people who are at least 5 years old.
  • Compared to COVID-19 illness, vaccination is safe, and generally, the side effects pass quickly.
  • Booster doses are available only for adults, and the time for a booster jab is 2 months after finishing the vaccination course with the Janssen vaccine, and 3 months after finishing the vaccination course with AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.
  • Booster doses for people, who are recovered from COVID-19 are recommended 6 months after their recovery or their last vaccination.
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