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From 20 July COVID-19 vaccinations are available in selected pharmacies

As of 20 July, vaccination services are now running in several pharmacies around the country. A total of eight pharmacies in key cities will be offering this service, with Tallinn, Tartu, Rapla, Jõhvi, and Narva providing this vaccination service in the first week.

Further pharmacies will be added to the list of service providers based on requirements. In total, vaccination services will be made available in up to forty-five pharmacies across nine counties.

This week vaccinations will be available for all comers in several pharmacies, including the Rocca al Mare Centre pharmacy, the Tallinna Linnaapteek pharmacy in the Solaris Centre, and the Südameapteek pharmacies in Ülemiste and Kivila, all in Tallinn, plus the Pargi Keskus Apteek pharmacy in Jõhvi, the Astri Centre pharmacy in Narva, Rapla’s pharmacy, and the Sõrba Apteek pharmacy in Tartu. Anyone can use this service but it must be pre-booked. Please do not turn up without a booking. See the following website for further information:

Healthcare providers who have received appropriate training and also primarily nurses will be providing the vaccination service in these pharmacies. The pharmacies will be allocating their own premises, equipment, and IT tools to be able to provide this service.

In 2021, vaccination against COVID-19 is free for all residents of Estonia, including anyone who does not have health insurance. Anyone who is at least twelve years old can be vaccinated. Those healthcare providers which will be providing the vaccination service in pharmacies mainly use the Comirnaty vaccine (Pfizer /BioNTech).

COVID-19 is caused by coronavirus, which is genetically similar to the SARS coronavirus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus). The symptoms of COVID-19 are non-specific and may be experienced at various levels of severity. The disease may progress without any symptoms, but patients may also develop severe pneumonia and, in the worst cases, the disease may result in the death of at-risk individuals. Most people who become infected with coronavirus only experience mild symptoms and soon recover. At-risk individuals, including the elderly and people with chronic diseases, more frequently experience serious forms of the disease.

Further information about vaccinations in a pharmacy is available at:

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