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It’s safe to have vaccinations against flu and COVID-19 on the same day

There's no need for a certain timeframe between the flu and COVID-19 vaccines, therefore it's safe to get them on the same day, says the state committee of immunoprophylactic experts.

If these vaccines are done on the same day, it's recommended to have them in different arms to separate the reactions of different vaccines.

The objectives of COVID-19 vaccination are to protect COVID-19 risk groups, to prevent and reduce COVID-19 related illness and death.  Vaccination can reduce the spread of the virus, the burden on the health system and the economy, and ensure the normal functioning of society.

More information about the opportunities to get vaccinated is available on our website and via state helpline 1247.

The state committee of immunoprophylaxis experts works under the Ministry of Social Affairs, and it gives advice about immunization strategies and other immunization-related topics. The committee consists of allergists, immunologists, infectionists, family doctors, paediatricians, nurses, and specialists from the health board, the agency of medicines, national health insurance, and the ministry of social affairs.

The Source: Ministry of Social Affairs

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