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People without health insurance and foreigners living in Estonia can get vaccinated against COVID-19 free of charge

If the foreign national has an Estonian personal identification code and the means to log in to Estonian e-services (an ID-card, Mobile-ID, or Smart-ID), the appointment for vaccination can be booked at or by calling the state helpline 1247.

If the foreigner does not have a personal identification code, there are two options:

  1. find the closest vaccination point at the website, contact them personally, and book an appointment;
  2. call 1247 – they collect the information about people without a personal identification code and forward it to the health centre Qvalitas, who will contact the person and offer an appointment for vaccination.

It must be taken into account that most vaccines are given in two doses and the person has to stay in Estonia for an extended period of time in order to receive the second protective injection. Effective protection is achieved a few weeks after the second dose of the vaccine.

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