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People not covered by health insurance and foreigners living in Estonia can get vaccinated against COVID-19 for free

Foreigners living and/or working in Estonia, and people not covered by health insurance can get vaccinated against COVID-19 for free.

The vaccination takes place on equal basis with the local population, i.e. people are invited to get vaccinated according to target groups, in accordance with the vaccination plan.

Vaccination against COVID-19 takes place in stages. In first order, the opportunity to get vaccinated is given to people who are in a risk group, or whose vaccination is a priority in order to ensure the functioning of services critically important for the society. 

As soon as the vaccine volumes allow, the state will open up the possibility to get vaccinated to all who wish for it. According to the prognosis of current delivery volumes, this will be possible no sooner than in May.

In Tallinn, the vaccination of foreign nationals is handled by Ülemiste Perekliinik OÜ. They can be contacted by calling 58 834 417.

Elsewhere in Estonia, in cases where a person does not have a family doctor, he or she should turn to the family doctor of the place of stay.

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