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Third vaccine doses may be available in October

Estonia prepares booster jabs for people who got their first vaccine doses at the beginning of this year. The permission from the European Medicine Agency for the Pfizer/BioNTechi is expected at the beginning of October.

The priority in Estonia is unvaccinated people, especially the elderly, who after catching the virus can fall seriously ill and need hospitalization. For now, offering the third dose has begun, and by the decision of the doctor, people with a weakened immune system, are eligible for the extra dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

After the permission has arrived, Estonia offers booster jabs with mRNA vaccines. Health care workers with a higher risk of catching the virus, are preferred, also the inhabitants and workers of care homes, for whom the most time has passed since the beginning of the vaccination.

With third doses, it's highly recommended by experts recommend differentiating booster jabs and extra doses. Extra doses are for people with serious immune deficiencies, and the protection after two (or one with Janssen vaccine) is not strong enough. For example, people with transplanted organs or cancer patients.

Booster jabs might be necessary for all fully vaccinated people after a certain period of time, because of the weakened immunity.

Preparations for booster jabs have been done — target groups and scenarios have been mapped out, pre-buying contracts with Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna have been signed, and IT solutions to provide certificates for people with 3 doses have been created.

The Source: The Ministry of Social Affairs

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