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Three months of vaccination against coronavirus: the vaccines are efficient and side effects very rare

Within the first three months of the vaccination programme, in the period between 27 December and 29 March, a total of 255,219 vaccine doses have been administered. Side effects have been reported on 2,959 occasions, which means no more than in 1.16% of all uses of a vaccine doses. Even better, only 0.1% of those individuals who have received two doses of a vaccine have experienced side effects.

In total, Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine has been used for 155,023 of all doses administered, Moderna’s for 13,902, and Vaxzevria (formerly known as AstraZeneca) for 86,294 of them.

Of all of the side effects that have been reported, a total of 886 are related to the Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine, while forty-three can be linked to the Moderna vaccine, and 2,030 to the Vaxzevria vaccine.

Any vaccine may cause local reactions, as well as general symptoms such as a headache, fever, tiredness, and so on. Those effects will pass but may be uncomfortable in the short term. If necessary, such effects can be alleviated by administering an analgesic or using a cold compress locally. The effects will usually pass in no more than a few days. Any problematic complaints which you may suffer after being vaccinated should be reported to your family physician.

The State Agency of Medicines would like to point out here that anyone who is going to be vaccinated should first read the packaging leaflet for the respective vaccine. 

Please see the packaging leaflets on the State Agency of Medicines website

Source: State Agency of Medicines and the Health Board.

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