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Vaccination is available in all regions of Estonia

According to the recommendation of the Estonian immunoprophylaxis expert committee, it is primarily risk groups that should get the second booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The risk groups include all people over the age of 60 and all people over the age of 12 who have a higher risk of suffering severely from the COVID-19 disease due to some chronic disease. People should get the second booster dose six months after their last dose or suffering from the disease.

In the event that the infection growth trend remains low and the burden on hospitals does not start to increase significantly, the committee recommends actively making the second COVID-19 booster dose available to risk groups from the second half of August. At the first opportunity, the second booster dose should be given to all residents and employees of care homes and health care professionals who come into contact with patients as well as people who have not yet started the vaccination course or have not had their first booster dose.

From 18 July, everyone who wishes can book an appointment for the second booster dose in the digital registry if at least six months have passed since the last dose or suffering from COVID-19. Although the expert committee has recommended the fourth dose first and foremost to people in the risk group, everyone who is not at risk and wishes to do so can get vaccinated and book an appointment in the digital registry.

It is also possible to get the fourth dose at a vaccination point of your choice where you can get vaccinated by both booking an appointment in advance and without an appointment. Information on booking an appointment and operating hours of all vaccination points in each county as well as answers to questions related to vaccination can be found at the address

At the moment, family physicians also offer vaccination to people and for this, you should first contact the reception of your family health centre. People with mobility disability can receive a vaccination shot at home, and in this case, vaccination is administered by home nurses. People should inform their family physician or the Health Insurance Fund customer service at +372 669 6630 of their desire to get vaccinated at home.

People can also get vaccinated in selected pharmacies across Estonia. Pharmacies that offer coronavirus vaccinations can be found at the address and information is also available from the Health Insurance Fund customer service.

People are advised individually in matters concerning vaccination primarily by family physicians, but all other health care professionals administering vaccination also do so. People can book an appointment for vaccination in the digital registry or by contacting the person administering the vaccination. Medical advice is available at the family physician’s advisory line 1220, and in the case of general questions related to vaccination, information is available on the national information line 1247 or the Health Insurance Fund customer service phone +372 669 6630.

Everything you should know about the COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccination is free of charge for all people living in Estonia, even without the national health insurance.
  • Vaccination is voluntary.
  • Vaccination is open to all people who are at least 5 years old.
  • Compared to COVID-19 illness, vaccination is safe, and generally, the side effects pass quickly.
  • Booster doses are available only for adults, and the time for a booster jab is 2 months after finishing the vaccination course with the Janssen vaccine, and 3 months after finishing the vaccination course with AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.
  • Booster doses for people, who are recovered from COVID-19 are recommended 6 months after their recovery or their last vaccination.
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